Augustinians delighted with new artwork Maarten Baas

Maarten Baas work of art for DELA
Photo credit: Studio040

A new artwork by Eindhoven designer Maarten Baas was officially unveiled at the Paterskerk on Friday, with DELA being the client.

“I was commissioned to make a great work for the church here. DELA is about life and death, of course. And I wanted to make something that pays tribute to the everyday in life. That is why I have such a table with some chairs around it.”

The artwork is part of a larger collection of art that can be seen in the DELA building. With modern art, the company wants to strengthen the cultural heritage of the Augustinians in Eindhoven.

Director Edzo Doeve: “Look, there you have the Paterskerk, a church that is important to all people in Eindhoven. And then there is such a modern work of art next to it. It works together! That way you can emphasise such a historical place and strengthen it at the same time.”

The Augustinians who lived here until a few years ago are also happy with the artwork. Augustinian Louis Mulder: “It is wonderful and impressive. Especially this representation, and then with the title ‘something higher’.” He is complemented by fellow Augustinian Pierre Stikkelbroeck: “Yes, we recognise our spirit in it.” And with that the mission of the artwork ‘something higher’ is at least partially successful.

Source: Studio040

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