More reports of nuisance by homeless people

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There are more reported cases of nuisance caused by homeless people in Eindhoven. In 2019 there were 77 reports, compared to 98 reports in the same period this year.

“It’s just irresponsible to have these people here in a child-friendly neighbourhood”, one of the local residents says. A man completes her: “You see them hanging around and drinking more often. I don’t like that at all and it’s no fun to see the police ever so often”. The neighbours also say that they are sent from pillar to post with their complaints.

In March 2017 and 2018 the number of nuisance reports fluctuated around 85. In 2019 we saw a decrease to 77 reports of nuisance caused by homeless people. This increased by a quarter this year, to 98 reports in March this year.

“We know about the reports. We take them very seriously”, Thijs Eradus, Director of Springboard040, says. “The most important thing is that we can provide a warm place for those people within the guidelines of the RIVM. In addition, we do our best to talk to the neighbourhood. I just don’t have the illusion that I can take away all the worries the local residents have”.

No unambiguous statement
Both the police and the Municipality say that it is currently too early to give an explanation for the increase in the number of reports. The Municipality says that the temporary extra reception locations have been opened, so that the RIVM guidelines can be followed. “There are three regular reception locations in Eindhoven”, the spokesperson writes. “These are on Mathildelaan, Bellefroidlaan and Barrierweg. Furthermore, there are three extra open locations at the time of Corona on Anna van Egmondstraat, Generaal Horrocksstraat and Klipperstraat and there is a quarantine unit for homeless people who are (potentially) infected with the Coronavirus. As far as we can oversee now, we can use this as a stronghold during the Corona crisis. When all measures are over, we will have to review the situation again. The extra provisions will be scaled down again”.

Until when all measures are necessary, no one knows. Yet, there is a small bright light for the neighbourhood. Eradus: “I do notice that we are over the peak now, so we are able to focus more on the day-spend and actually help to get people back into society”.


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