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Let's Spring Together - ICWE

From May 1 to May 3 there will be the online “Let’s Spring Together” market, organised by International Creative Women Eindhoven.

The market can be found on their website, Instagram, and Facebook pages. On these online locations they will publish the businesses of the entrepreneurs (Between 39-40).

During the weekend the entrepreneurs will be able to offer special deals in the following product/ service categories:

  • Design & art
  • Health & beauty
  • Fashion and accessories
  • Home decor
  • International food
  • Sweet & savoury
  • Coaching and professional services

On these pages of International Creative Women Eindhoven you can find the online information about the market and entrepreneurs:

The online Let’s Spring Together market is open to all public and there is no registration needed. You just can have a look at the website and social pages and get in touch with the seller. In each post, people will be able to find the business name or contact details of the entrepreneur. The deals will be Corona-proof so there is no close contact between buyer and seller. The payment will also be done online of course.

Every day there will be video stories published of the entrepreneurs.

What is behind this online market?

Last spring the live market was cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak. That was very difficult both for ICWE and for the entrepreneurs. The events are a great platform for local entrepreneurs to show their brands, sell their products and services, and to connect with customers and fellow creative women.

After the initial shock, worries and stress ICWE created an online well-being programme to help entrepreneurs and the international community to deal with the fears and challenges they had to face due to the isolation.

The next step was to think about their market, and generate new ways to sell ideas, services, or products. One of the great results of this process is the Let’s Spring Together online market. Now the 39 courageous entrepreneur women are able to keep pursuing their dreams.

For Eindhoven News: Irene

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