Cows again in Meerhoven

Photo Credit: (Studio040)

Meerhoven residents can soon see cows grazing in Park Meerland again, as stated by Stichting Beheer Park Meerland on their website.

The foundation has found a farmer who is willing to leave his Brandrode cattle in the pastures. In contrast to the previous cows that were in the field, these cattle are suitable for natural grazing and can cope well with the Dutch summer. Therefore, in consultation with the municipality and Residents’ Association Meerhoven, it was decided to bring these cows to the park.

It takes a while before Meerhoven residents can see the cows. In the coming weeks, the gates of the meadows will be made first and the fence will be made suitable so that calves can also come along with the dams.

The farmer and the municipality have signed an agreement that the cows can be admired in the park for one year.


Previously there were red and black pied cows in the park, but they were taken away by a farmer after unrest in the district. According to residents, it would be too hot for the cows, too wet and there would be too little shade. According to the farmer, the pasture was not nutritious enough and he had to feed regularly. Then the farmer made the decision and removed the cows.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Dirk

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