162 Corona patients currently admitted in the City’s hospitals

Photo credit: Studio040/Thijs van Listenburg

Currently, 162 Corona virus patients are admitted in hospitals around the City. Catharina Hospital has 96 admissions and Maxima Medical Centre has 66.

A total of 43 Corona virus patients are currently in Intensive care. The patients are divided between Catharina Hospital with 25 and Maxima Medical Centre with 18. In total, a quarter of Corona patients in the Eindhoven region require Intensive Care hospitalisation.

Over the past 24 hours, Catharina has reported 4 deaths due to Covid-19. This brings the total number of Corona virus deaths to 25. Since yesterday, one patient passed away at Maxima Medical Centre. Which brings the total to 21 deaths at the hospital.

There have also been a number of discharges. At Catharina, 6 people recovered from the Corona virus were discharged. They are able to continue the recovery at home. This brings the total number of discharges to 57. Maxima Medical Centre is yet to publish the number of Corona virus patients discharged from the hospital.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Ame Harris

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