Yoga mats are flying off the shelves

coronavirus - decathlon
Photo credit: Werner Moser (Pixabay)

“Just as soon as we restock the shelves with yoga mats, they are all gone within an hour,” says Wout Vringer from Decathlon in Best.

Following the closure of the fitness clubs and gyms, due to coronavirus prevention measures, this store is clearly busier than normal. And, the most sought-after items are yoga mats, weights and Pilates blocks. “Everyone wants to exercise at home.”

Thursday was a quiet morning in the store. A few customers were selecting new skates or boxing gloves. But, most racks in the fitness department were empty. It is not just the home sports gear that is sold out. Anything that can keep children busy at home is also hugely popular. However, Vinger is not worried about the stock, “there is still sufficient stock in the warehouses”.

Following guidelines

This Decathlon wants to help as many people as possible with sports equipment. But store employees have to be careful not to let too many customers into the store at the same time. Decathlon is adhering to the guideline of no more than 100 people in one place at a time. And it shows.

There are markings on the floor at the entrance. Customers can, therefore, maintain a safe distance from each other. “There are employees at the store entrance, who count how many people go in and out”, says Wout. “This is necessary because, on a normal day, we have more than a hundred people in the store at the same time.”

Source: OmroepBrabant

Translator: Seetha

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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