Who’s still entitled to childcare? These are the vital professions

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Special measures due to the coronavirus have been taken. For instance, the government has decided to close schools until 6 April. There are exceptions for different groups of people, though.

Childcare and schools will close for the next three weeks, except for children of parents working in “vital professions”. They will still be taken care of, Minister for Primary and Secondary Education, Arie Slob, announced in a press conference yesterday. However, if one of the parents does not work in such a profession, the responsibility for their children’s care will be their own responsibility.

According to the central government, vital professions are “essential skilled groups that have to keep society running” and need to be done, without interruption. People who are needed to help control the outbreak and have children can continue to make use of child care.

The list of key professional groups:

-Care, including the production and transport of medicines and medical devices
-Teachers and staff needed at schools, such as for distance learning, child care, and examinations
-Public transport
-Food chain: the food chain must be seen in a broad sense. It consists of supermarkets and their suppliers, the processing industry, and this industry’s transportation. But, also the collection of products from farmers, the delivery of, for example, cattle feed and other products to farmers. Workers also need to able to reach farms.
-Transport of fuels such as coal, oil, petrol, and diesel, etc.
-Waste and garbage transportation
-Media and communication: to inform people of the need to keep abreast of what is going on.
-Continuity of emergency services (police and defence have already been declared vital)
-Necessary government processes (national, provincial, and municipal)

Source: www.NOS.nl

Translator: Irene

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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