Sick teachers meant kids could stay home

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Due to illness of primary school teachers, several schools in the region were forced to leave pupils at home on Monday.

Primary school de Bijenkorf in Eindhoven had to leave 6 of the 14 groups at home on Monday. Childcare center De Boog leaves groups 3A and 3B at home due to a shortage of teachers. At De Vuurvlinder primary school, 6 out of 20 groups stayed at home, reports Omroep Brabant.

Salto-Eindhoven announced that the schools will remain open. “If colleagues who have a cold or have a fever decide to stay at home according to the guidelines of the RIVM, the question is whether we will find enough substitutes for this”, the school says on their website. “There is therefore a chance that groups will be sent home or merged. We try to keep groups together to a minimum. When considering whether to merge groups, we take into account that children are not too close to each other to prevent the spread of the corona virus. ”


At primary school Crijnsschool in Nuenen eleven teachers dropped out. However, all lessons from Monday continued. It is still unclear about the rest of the week. “If there are children at school tomorrow where we still see the complaints, we will call home to pick them up,” the school said.

RIVM advice

The teachers stay at home on the advice of the RIVM. What the rest of the week will look like, is still uncertain. Pupils can possibly work on their school work from home. The schools also ask that students with a cold, cough and/or fever stay at home. If the complaints are gone after 24 hours, the student can come to school again.

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