No more waiting in the rain to board

An artist's impression what the canopy at Eindhoven Airport will look. Image credit: Eindhoven Airport

The walkways to and from planes at Eindhoven Airport are to be covered from the end of October this year.

From the terminal there are several paths leading to the planes are standing, but these are not currently covered. Passengers therefore regularly get wet on their way to and from the terminal and aircrafts.

For many passengers, it has been a long-held wish that Eindhoven Airport would cover the 600m walking route. Boarding passengers often have to stand in the rain and then have to get on the plane whilst wet.

No nuisance

The canopy will constructed mainly at night when there are no flights at the airport. This reduces the inconvenience to a minimum. The gallery should also give a surprising first and last impression of the region to travellers as they disembark and board planes. After all, the building will have a special design and layout appropriate to this region.

Solar energy will be used in the canopy. Reusable materials will also be used. By the end of October, the canopy has to be finished and passengers can finally be dry on their walk to and from the terminal.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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