Mayor thanks Eindhoven for understanding and support


Mayor John Jorritsma has thanked Eindhoven for understanding and support in these unusual times.

The Mayor wrote a special message which was shared online and with Eindhoven News:

Jorritsma: “Fellow citizens, we are living in extraordinary times. In my working life, I’ve never experienced a situation like this, and many of you probably haven’t either. Streets and offices are empty; meetings are cancelled, competitions are cancelled, theatres and cinemas closed down, television programmes have no audience, elderly people can hardly be visited. All the while, the care sector is working overtime. For the time being, this will take some time.

It is surreal, but unfortunately true.

The measures we, as the government, are taking to contain and control the coronavirus are being met with a massive response. These are harsh measures because they directly interfere with everyday life. People are sending me messages about their concerns. I spoke to people with the coronavirus over the phone; they say their families are being shunned.

People in the care sector and at the GGD are working overtime. Restaurant owners and shopkeepers are noticing customer numbers declining. Exhibitors are angry and desperate for the Eindhoven Municipality to allow large events with more than 100 people to take place. Teachers are taking care of more children because their colleagues, who are showing symptoms, have stayed home.

Fellow mayors in the region are making an effort to provide the people in their municipality with the latest information as soon as possible. Everyone is very busy making phone calls and sending messages.

As administrators, we have to weigh things up. Public health comes first, while at the same time we don’t want to lock up the entire country, the province and our city. Based on the advice of experts, we are trying to find that balance – one day at a time. And we keep reviewing our decisions every day, every hour.

Because, no matter how much knowledge virologists have, this virus is new and its behaviour is also constantly challenging the experts. That’s why we are in constant contact with them, to see whether our measures are still in line with the latest insights.

It is also special to see that a lot of people understand we are dealing with a very exceptional situation here. And that you are adapting to these new circumstances, with all the upheaval this brings to your personal life. And, in this way, you are helping. In doing so, you are showing your trust in the administrators.

By taking a step back. By taking a step back and not going to sports games together, not having a party, not visiting your elderly parents, not soaking up the culture together. You consciously take a step back in socialising.

In this daily battle against the coronavirus, I’m thinking about that now. Your support for the measures to reduce the virus is desperately needed. The positive, forward-looking attitude of the people of Eindhoven helps. Because our city – so used to peaks and troughs – knows that a bright future is always within reach. And we hold on to each other to achieve that.

Eindhoven, thank you! And know that we will still need you in the near future!”

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