Local hospital needs extra hands

Photo credit: Catharina Hospital/Eindhoven Media Library

Coronavirus cases have topped the 200,000-mark worldwide. And, as the number of cases in the Netherlands rises to 2,051 – with 759 in North Brabant – Catharina Hospital is preparing itself to cope with the influx of new patients.

This hospital, located in Eindhoven, is asking for help. “All Catharina Hospital employees are currently working hard to help patients infected with the Covid-19 virus and to prevent the spread of the virus,” reads a press statement released by the hospital.

“We want to be well prepared for a large influx of patients. So, we are looking for many extra hands for patient-related care and other tasks.” The hospital is urging nurses, doctors, and other kinds of healthcare providers to make themselves available to help.

They are giving people with no background in the healthcare sector the chance to contribute. People who want to help have to be able to do so at short notice. Donations and solidarity actions are also being welcomed. People can sign up using the following links:

Source: Catharina Hospital

Translator: Melinda Walraven

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