COVID-19: More changes, shutdowns

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Mass gatherings have been banned, and more people are dying. This is having far-reaching repercussions on all walks of life

DELA, a funeral service, is only allowing a maximum of 30 guests to attend funeral services. But what about the other mourners who cannot attend? DELA will now also records services.

Relatives will receive a USB stick containing the recording. Before the service starts, however, permission must first to record the proceedings. This must be given by family members or other relatives who were close to the deceased.

Mourning visits are only possible in closed circles and 24-hour rooms. Funeral directors can be contacted by phone, online, or via a video link. The funeral home has also taken other measure to curb the spread of this virus.

For example, drinks and snacks are no longer served during the services. DELA employees wear extra protective clothing, for example, if the deceased succumbed to COVID-19. According to the Eindhoven funeral home, the chance that relatives will be infected is small.

Housing corporations: only emergency repairs

The Eindhoven housing corporations are only going out for urgent repairs. Only gas and water leaks, lift failures or fire damage are being dealt with. However, there are important conditions. Residents who need help may not be related to anyone in the organisations.

They must also not be showing possible coronavirus symptoms, such as a fever or cough. While the emergency job is being carried out, tenants must remain at a distance from employees. “Preferably in another room”, a spokesperson for the corporations writes.

The 13 housing corporations in the region own more than 100,000 homes. Together, they offer accommodation to 250,000 lower-income inhabitants.

COVID-19 will see DAF will stop production soon. Photo credit: Studio040

DAF shuts down production

A DAF spokesperson has announced that the company will shut down production. This, while only a week ago, things were still going full steam ahead at this Eindhoven-based truck manufacturer. DAF is now applying for a reduction in working hours in order to reduce costs.

Personnel on the production line indicated they were worried. Various employees took to social media, saying they were afraid of being infected. A large part of the office staff was already working from home.

Production in Eindhoven will stop on Monday. The Eindhoven branch is good for 6,000 full-time jobs. In the DAF factory in Westerlo, Belgium, work will be stopped as of Thursday. Over 2,000 people work there.

Ikea and Bijenkorf also closed

On Tuesday, IKEA decided to close all its stores in the Netherlands. The Swedish group took this drastic measure because it could no longer guarantee the health and safety of visitors and employees. IKEA customers will still be able to order products online and have them delivered to their homes or picked them up at the store.

IKEA will only take delivered goods as far as their customer’s front door. The same goes for people living in apartments, as far as four floors up, if there is no elevator service. De Bijenkorf will also keep all its stores in the Netherlands closed for the time being. This will be enforced as of today, Wednesday, 18 March. De Bijenkorf has a branch in Eindhoven on 18 Septemberplein. De Bijenkorf will also still to be able to deliver items ordered online.

AH and Jumbo

Albert Heijn and Jumbo will go on delivering groceries at people’s homes, but that will only be in front of the front door, so not into the kitchen anymore. But the two largest supermarkets in the Netherlands are very difficult to reach online and by telephone.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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