Area51 to be an Urban Culture centre

Photo credit: Eindhoven Municipality (Studio040)

When the renovation of Area51 is completed in nine months, a complete park will have been created. Urban Sport and Culture will be intertwined.

This large-scale renovation is possible thanks to a financial injection of €4 million from the Brainport region deal. Brainport received a total of €370 million to bolster the area’s economic strength.

Area51 is using the money for an upgrade. They want to ensure Eindhoven’s leading role in the field of Urban Culture, both nationally and internationally, is maintained. The location in Strijp-S will soon be open to both amateur and top athletes.

By meeting standards, events such as the European Championship, World Cup or qualifying rounds for the Olympic Games can also be organised here. This should attract more visitors to Eindhoven and thus contribute to Brainport’s economic growth.

All available space to be used

Where until recently, the skate park was mainly used, after the renovation is complete, all the rooms will be used. That is, according to Area51 Director, Pim van den Bos. “The side rooms will soon be used for things like workshops and children’s parties. The enormous basement will also be used. And there will also be room for urban art and music. It has to be an Urban total concept”.

All Area51 users and beyond have had the opportunity to think about what the hall should be used for. People could contribute their ideas on social media and in the suggestion box at the location. Organisations such as the Municipality of Eindhoven and the Trudo rental agency also support this renovation.

Demolition started on Monday, but the last BMX and Skating workshops were held in the hall on Tuesday. While work goes on, these workshops will be held at schools and outdoor locations in Meerhoven and Gestel. The new Urban Park should be ready by the end of the year.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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