Albert Heijn: Please stop hoarding, keep your distance

Albert Heijn
Photo Credit: Pixabay

The manager of the Albert Heijn (AH) on Roostenlaan is urging customers to stop hoarding and keep their distance from others in the supermarket.

“The pressure is greater than ever in our shop, especially now that schools are closed, and many people are working from home. Despite all the advice from experts, whole families still come to do shopping together. Customers do not keep the distance from our staff or each other. Some of them snarl at our staff when being reminded,” reads a post on that¬† AH’s Facebook page.

The AH in Eindhoven’s Stratum neighbourhood has taken several measures to ensure the distance of 1,5m between people in the supermarket. For example, there are crosses on the ground to prevent customers from standing to close together. Pictures are also used to remind people to keep a distance from the cashiers.

“We are really doing everything we could do to get our shelves as full as possible. Stop hoarding so that we get the chance to do this. Everyone can then buy what they need and those who work also have a meal in the evening. Think about our staff and each other” is AH’s urgent plea to the public.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Shufei

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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