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Photo credit: Studio040
Photo credit: Studio040

The Futurelab Complex is for the young and old – for anyone curious about the future.

Anyone visiting the yet-to-be-built Futurelab Complex should leave with more questions than when they arrived, Chris Sigaloff says. Complex is about discovery, experimentation, education, technology, knowledge, design, and collaboration. According to Sigaloff, these are the values that fit with the Brainport Region’s DNA. In recent months, she has worked as a scout for the Futurelab Complex’s business plan. The plans were presented to the Eindhoven City Council yesterday evening.

It is not yet clear where Complex will be located. The Evoluon is a logical option. However, the VDMA building is also one of the locations being considered. “But Complex can also have a nomadic character”, Sigaloff says. “It does not have to be fixed in one place. It can be at various locations that are easily accessible. The supermarket, the Heuvel, schools”.

Next phase to begin

Sigaloff has now handed over the baton to Frits Lintmeijer. He has been appointed interim director. Until June, he will occupy himself with the organisation of Complex’s organisation, finances, and a strong content programme.

The Municipality of Eindhoven came up with the idea of a design and technology ‘museum’ or laboratory. This has now evolved into a foundation including several players. These the Dutch Design Foundation, Eindhoven University of Technology, the Eindhoven Design Academy, and the MU Hybrid Arthouse. The Van Abbe Museum is a collaborative partner. The initiative is further supported by the Brainport network of companies, knowledge institutes, and governments.

Funding for the initiative has been requested from the Ministry of OCW (Education, Culture and Science). It makes €1 million available each year. It is not yet certain whether some of this will be allocated to Eindhoven. The Cultural Council will decide on 4 June.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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