Scarecrow highlighting need for environmental awareness

children - art - scarecrow
Photo credit: Studio040

The Big, Friendly Scarecrow was revealed on Thursday afternoon. This artwork, made by children in special and regular education, stands in the Oude Gracht nehighbourhood.

The scarecrow and accompanying “flapping birds” was designed with the help of scholars from the CKE, het Huis voor Amateurkuns (the Amateur Arts House), and Cultuureducatie (Cultiral Education) in Eindhoven. School children and parents attended the unveiling of the artwork on Thursday afternoon. The artwork, measuring four metres tall, is located in the park between the Petraschool and Wethouder van Eupensschool.

The artwork highlights the need for more green spaces and biodiversity in the neighbourhood. “It is important for the scholars to learn to intentionally enjoy nature,” says Wikke Peters, culture promoter at CKE. “These types of projects add to this awareness. If children play outside more or have lessons outside, they are actively involved with nature which adds to environmental awareness.”

Source: Studio040

Translator: Ame Harris

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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