Royal Military Police in court by complaint Bamenga

Photo credit: Studio040
Photo credit: Studio040

The Royal Military Police is sued for ethnic profiling at border controls. The reason for this is a check at Eindhoven Airport.

That Amnesty International has announced.

Amnesty International, Control Alt Delete, RADAR, PILP-NJCM and two individual citizens have summoned the Royal Military Police to put an end to these discriminatory border controls. They are asking the judge to draw a line and ban ethnic profiling.

Eindhoven Airport
After his flight from Eindhoven Airport, former councillor Mpanzu Bamenga was extra-checked with two other people with dark skin. At the time, he noticed that this only happened to people with dark skin. So that is discrimination. That is why Bamenga filed an official complaint against the State Police for ethnic profiling in June 2018.

Military police
According to the Military Police this was necessary to reduce the chance that terrorists would enter the Netherlands, and certainly not meant to be discriminatory. It is not yet known when the case will be brought before the court in The Hague.


Translated by: Bob

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