Dissatisfaction with rejection of care homes Achtse Barrier

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Residents of the Eindhoven district Achtse Barrier and the Eindhoven CDA (Christian Democrats) are outraged that a building project for the elderly will not go ahead. 

Neighbourhood residents would like to see construction take place. The site, where the 32 care homes should be located, has been vacant for decades. But the Municipality’s welfare committee rejected the building plan, to the dissatisfaction of residents and the CDA. The coalition party has now put questions to the City Council about the matter. Residents have now started a signature campaign.

Independent living with help
The party only sees benefits. For example, the facility meets the needs of many elderly people: independent living with some professional help. The neighbourhood also supports the plan and the building will be very sustainable. Municipal officials are also enthusiastic, according to the CDA.

Criticism: view and round shape of the building
Nevertheless, the municipal welfare committee blocked the development. The club is critical of the view of the neighbouring gardens, the use of materials and the round shape of the building. Again, the Eindhoven Objections Committee did not agree. In order to break the deadlock, the judge was called in. He pointed to a ‘second opinion’ by another welfare committee. The Municipality of Eindhoven therefore hired Weert’s welfare group, which then also rejected the building plan.

The CDA now wants the Mayor and Aldermen to work hard to allow the construction to go ahead. In addition, the group wants to know why the Council has not come up with a defence against the advice of the welfare committee. Furthermore, the CDA wants the City Council to enter into discussions with the initiator of the building project, with the ultimate construction of the care homes as its goal.

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Translated by: Bob

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