Care facility, schools join hands for more greenery

LunetZorg clients and children from the Petraschool and the Wethouder van Eupenschool want more greenery in the Oude Gracht suburb of an.

LunetZorg is a foundation dedicated to their care of people with mental disabilities in the region. The children and this organization’s clients have created flocks of birds or other flying creatures. These will form the Grote Vriendelijke Vogelverschrikker (Big, Friendly Scarecrow). They designed and made the works of art under the guidance of teachers from the Eindhoven Centre for the Arts (CKE).

“The special thing about this is, that it is a unique combination. Special-ed kids from the Petraschool have joined forces with children from the main-stream school of the Wethouder van Eupenschool”, the CKE’s Wikke Peters says. “The city council already has an idea for a green area. But those plans go rather slowly. This is a friendly but urgent request to carry these plans through more quickly”.

The children made these works to draw attention to the greenery in the neighbourhood. The four-meter high scarecrow will be placed in the middle of the park near the schools. The Big, Friendly Scarecrow and its birds will be unveiled on Thursday, 13 February at 15:15.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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