Person injured as eight horses break lose

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Photo credit: Omroep Brabnt

Eight horses ran through the streets of Vaartbroek and Blixembosch last night.

The owner of the horses says that they were spooked by something during a horse riding lesson. ‘The children riding the horses were thrown off. Fortunately, they are fine,’ she tells Omroep Brabant.

Police were alerted to the issue during a traffic control operation elsewhere in Eindhoven. ‘Suddenly our colleague told us on our radios that he saw eight horses galloping along the public road. This, of course, is very dangerous,’ say the police in a post on Facebook.

One person was injured and was taken to hospital in an ambulance.

The horses were caught in various locations by police and local residents.

The owner says that the animals are doing fine. She picked them up and brought them back to the stables. She suspects that one or two of the horses were spooked, which then spooked the others. She does not know what they were spooked by. She declined to comment further.


Joyce is one of the people who saw the event unfold. ‘Out of nowhere, I saw four horses approaching my car. They crossed Sartrelaan at full speed. It is really a miracle that no accidents happened.’

One of the horses hit Joyce’s car, in which her two children were also travelling. ‘Fortunately there is no damage,’ she says.


Translator: Rachael Vickerman

Source: Omroep Brabant and Studio040

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