Hundreds of schools close due to educational strike

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Hundreds of Brabant schools will close again this week because teachers plan to go on strike. After the previous strike in November 2019, the enthusiasm among teachers has certainly not diminished. Almost four times as many schools are now closing compared to the previous strike.

Six days before the November 2019 strike, the Algemene Onderwijsbond AOb (General Union of Educational Personnel) was informed that 128 schools planned to close on the day of the strike. Currently, three days before the new proposed two-day strike, the count is already at 473 schools in Brabant. Especially in South-East Brabant many teachers will participate in the strike.

Not everyone registers
Just like last time, the final number can still increase, says Simone van Geest of the AOb. “Not everyone who goes on strike registers via the site,” she says. But this time she is counting on a lot of enthusiasm.

Have parents not had enough of all this striking? “Research shows that more than half of the parents support our actions. And we don’t strike for fun, we strike because simply more money is needed for education,” says Van Geest.

To strike, or not to strike?
Last year there was some confusion about the strike. After The Hague had made 460 million EUR available for education, the AOb cancelled the strike. The chairman then resigned and informed the union that the strike would nevertheless take place.

“Teachers who are satisfied with this solution are not among our followers,” Van Geest told Omroep Brabant. “The fact that the millions were a one-off emergency solution without a structural solution, was a shock to many teachers.”

Click on this link to view all the schools that will be closed.

Source: Omroep Brabant

Translation: Nicole Cullinan

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