DAF to make more trucks in Eindhoven

DAF to make more trucks in Eindhoven
Photo Credit: DAF/Studio040

DAF has submitted an application to the Province of North Brabant to obtain permission to expand its maximum production capacity.

According to the province’s permit, a maximum of 50,000 trucks per year may now roll out of DAF’s factory in Eindhoven. DAF wants an increase of ten percent, which amounts to 5,000 extra trucks.

“As a company, we are growing and we have to anticipate this. We want a broader permit so our growth will not be curbed because we are no longer allowed to produce more trucks in Eindhoven,” says Rugter Kerstiens of DAF.

Although the maximum production capacity ceiling has not yet been reached in Eindhoven, DAF is not far from it. In the record year 2018, around 48,000 trucks were built in Eindhoven. The rest of the trucks were assembled in the British region of Leyland.

Source: www.studio040.nl

Translator: Chaitali Sengupta, who gives Inburgering classes in Meerhoven. Click here for info.

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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