Birds poached in Eindhoven forests

Image source: Studio040, FB Animal ambulance Brabant South East

The regional animal ambulance freed two blue tits and a decoy bird on Sunday morning from the clutches of a poacher. Walkers stumbled on a trap in the forests outlying Eindhoven.

Walkers discovered the three birds in the forest between Eindhoven, Nuenen and Son and Breugel. In a cage, poachers placed a bullfinch which was intended as a decoy. Nets surrounded the cage in which two blue tits had become entangled. The walkers managed to cut the birds mostly free from the net. However, the net bound the birds too tightly in some places. One blue tit had net securely around its neck.

Luckily this event left the two blue tits apparently uninjured. The animal ambulance nevertheless took them to the emergency shelter for observation. The police removed the nets and confiscated the cage with decoy for investigation.

Source: Studio040

Translation: Nicole Cullinan

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