Start 2020 off with a run

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People only have a few days left to register for the Genneper Parkenloop. Registration can be done until 3 January 2020.

This 14th edition of this race is the first of several events celebrating Eindhoven’s centenary. It will take place on Sunday, 5 January. There are races of varying distances old and young can take part in – 1,5, 4, and 10 km.

The 1,5km Joop Veelenturf Run is just for the kids. Joop Veelenturf was a former chairman of Oranje Zwart. This used to Eindhoven’s hockey club used to be known as Oranje Zwart. In 2016, the club merged with a neighbouring club. The name of the new club is HC Oranje-Rood. Veelenturf died in 2017.

Walking route too

Next year’s Genneper Parkenloop will include a walking route for the first time – the Buchrnhornen Nieuwjaarswandeling (New Year’s Walk). Participants can choose to do a 4km or a longer 8km route. The shorter distance is also wheelchair accessible.

The 1,5km race starts at 10:00, and the 4km at 10:15. Half an hour later, at 10:45, the 10km runners can take off. The walking routes begin at 12:30 Entrants must collect their start numbers from the Oranje-Rood Hockey Club half an hour before their races.

There, they can also take part in warm-ups. Walkers will not get start numbers. They will instead get route maps.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Melinda Walraven

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