Service dogs traumatised by youths throwing fireworks

de CLiCK_ service dogs_ illegal fireworks
Image source: Service dog school De CliCK Facebook page

An unfortunate incident occurred in Tilburg last week. It can hopefully raise awareness throughout Brabant about the damaging effects that uncontrolled lighting of fireworks, can have on animals.

Last Monday, the service dog school De CLiCK from Arnhem was placing a new dog with a host family. At around 1530, the owner of the service dog school De CLiCK Sanne Singer, the host family and the service dog were pelted with fireworks. The firecrackers were said to have been thrown from the apartment complex where the host family lives. The other dogs from the host family were also present.

Out of control
According to the foundation, two boys threw fireworks at them from a window above. In addition, debris hit two other people on their shoes. And a cracker also landed between the dogs. Other dogs that were going to be placed, were waiting in the car. They also went completely berserk from the frightful noise.

De CLiCK wrote the following on Facebook: “One of the dogs has been shivering all afternoon. It is unfortunate that this event may have traumatised these dogs and in the longterm ruined their ability to be placed as service dogs.”

No fireworks found
They called the police who came to the apartment complex. “We investigated the designated apartment,” said police spokesperson Willem van Hooijdonk. There they found the 19-year-old resident and a 20-year-old male from Oisterwijk. “The boys denied any involvement and the police did not find any fireworks in the house. The boys’ names have been noted, as there was not enough evidence to arrest them. They do not have a record with the police.”

Source: Omroep Brabant

Translated and edited: Nicole Cullinan

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