Quiet making a noise about poverty

EIndhoven housing

Although Eindhoven is a prosperous city, many people are living in poverty. This is according to the Quiet Foundation.

The Eindhoven branch of this organisation was officially launched on 20 December. According to Quiet, 6,600 people live under the breadline in Eindhoven. Of these, 1,700 are children.

“We want to make ‘noise’ for the people who live in silent poverty,” says Mary Fiers, chairman of Quiet Eindhoven. “Our foundation wants to make a difference for as many people in Eindhoven who live in silent poverty as possible.” Quiet Eindhoven’s first initiative is to give 50 poor households the opportunity to go to the cinema this Christmas.

More businesses can become involved

This treat is thanks to sponsorship by Pathé. Quiet is looking for more businesses that want to bring a little joy to these people’s lives. It could be a restaurant owner who would like to give a couple a meal on this house or tickets to the football or theatre.

Quiet wants to spoil even more impoverished families in 2020. Business owners and companies who would like to be part of this can register on the Quiet website.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Melinda Walraven

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