Local soccer club: “We can reboot”

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If it is up to the Eindhoven City Council, the vv Wodan Soccer Club will be closed by the end of this season. The reason? vv Wodan is bankrupt and has huge debts. However, the club’s new Board disagrees.

According to management, the prospects are good. The club expects to hire hundreds of new members and recover financially. “We are getting paid by tenants. With that, this year’s deficit has already been eliminated. The 450 members have also voiced their confidence in the club, with a new board at the helm. We can grow to 650 members in two years. There is absolutely no need to worry”, says Club President, Ben Albinus.

vv Wodan has been in financial trouble for years. In 2016, Wodan was rescued from bankruptcy. The Municipality guaranteed a loan of €700,000 to help the club recover. Yet it did not help. Councillor for Economics, Stijn Seenbakkers, intends to close the club as there is no prospect that the club will recover.

Eindhoven Sports Council supports the Councillor’s proposal too. “This case has been going on for far too long. So much money and energy have been put into this association. It is not in line with our ambitions of vital associations to continue as is. Other sports also require extra support,” explains the Sports Council’s Herman Matheij.

Relocation of Nieuw-Woensel

Steenbakkers intends to move Nieuw-Woensel to vv Wodan’s sports park, which is larger and has better accommodation. The members of vv Wodan would then continue to play soccer at Sportpark Eindhoven Noord from next season.

Not everyone at the club is happy with this proposal. “All clubs will flounder there. I am afraid Nieuw-Woensel will not survive there either. We are in a good place here. We are a healthy club. It is just misery at Wodan”, says a Nieuw-Woensel member. “There is little chance we will play soccer in Nieuw-Woensel shirts. We have more affinity with Acht or Unitas”, says Wodan player, Ralf Krikke.

The proposal, however, also received support. “Wodan has nice accommodations, especially for the youth. It is a great opportunity for the club. Better fields and a new artificial lawn”, says a man who was at Nieuw-Woensel’s pitch.

The City Council will debate about vv Wodan’s future next week. It will then become clear whether the politicians support Councillor Steenbakkers’s view.

Source: www.studio040.nl

Translator: Shufei

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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