Farmers: ‘Nitrogen comes from aircrafts’

farmers protest_ eindhoven airport _ oirschot military base_ nitrogen regulations _ brabant
File picture of farmers protest at Eindhoven airport. Image source: Studio040

Protesting farmers tried to reach Eindhoven Airport on Friday. They came with tractors to the front of the new parking garage P1. They could not reach the Kiss & Ride parking lot as intended. But the blockades caused long traffic jams around Eindhoven Airport.

The police stopped the procession of tractors twice. First at the Oirschot military base, then at the airport itself. Part of the procession drove an alternative route to the terminal when it was stopped at the base.

The protest ended and farmers departed the road to the airport towards the end of the afternoon. “We come here to show that we do not agree with Brabant’s nitrogen regulations,” one tractor driver expressed himself strongly. “These planes are taking off and landing above nature reserves every day and we are getting blamed for high nitrogen emissions,” he added. The farmers feel unfairly treated.

Angry farmers
Farmers are angry about stricter regulations governing nitrogen emissions. They started the protest on Friday at the provincial government office in Den Bosch and then drove via the A2 to Eindhoven Airport.

Source: Studio040

Translated and edited: Nicole Cullinan

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