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Catharina Hospital, angioplasty
Photo credit: Studio040/Catharina Hospital

The Catharina Hospital in Eindhoven has introduced a new product for very complex angioplasty treatments.

Specialised cardiologists can use this catheter to reach hard-to-reach places in the vascular system. The use of this treatment is a first in the Netherlands. This treatment is sometimes referred to as the Dotter technique. It was named after the doctor who invented it, Charles Theodore Dotter.

“During an angioplasty, I thread a hollow tube through the groin or wrist to the constriction site in the coronary artery. I can inflate a balloon using this tube,” Koen Teeuwen, a cardiologist at the Catharina Hospital, explains. “This expands the narrowing. I can then transport a stent, a kind of ball-point feather, through the same tube.”

“This provides the vascular wall with extra support at the narrowed spot. This new tool is an extension of that tube. It allows me to penetrate even further into small, narrowed veins. That makes it possible to carry out even more complex angioplasties.”

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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