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More than 4000 people have voted for who they want to win the title of Brabander of the Year 2019.

Want to vote? Then click here and choose one of the ten nominees. You can vote until 18:00 on Friday 6 December.

The nominees are:

Thom Groenen from Vught

Thom Groenen saved a woman who fell from her scooter onto a railway line.

Katrien van Overveld from Roosendaal

Katrien van Overveld makes birthday gifts for disadvantaged children.

Marek Vis from Terheijden

Marek Vis ran the distance of five marathons in one and a half days to raise money to stop plastic waste.

Saskia Mundi and Rachel Zandvliet from Cuijk

Saskia Mundi and Rachel Zandvliet run their own animal rescue service seven days a week.

Joop Jansen from Prinsenbeek

Joop Jansen organises day trips for wheelchair users.

 Teun Toebes from Best

Teun Toebes organises events for people with dementia.

Meike Welten-Adriaans from Deurne and Lieke Adriaans from Den Bosch

Meike Welten-Adriaans and Lieke Adriaans make blankets for premature babies.

Wim Ligtenberg from Bergen op Zoom

Wim Ligtenberg makes soup for homeless people.

 Annet Kremers from Eindhoven

Annet Kremers helps families in financial difficulties.

Nicky van Grinsven from Boxtel

Nicky van Grinsven saved a woman during a shooting on a tram in Utrecht in March.

The winner will be announced by King’s Commissioner, Wim van de Donk, during a festive dinner at Maurick Castle in Vught. The news will be announced to the public on 25 December on Omroep Brabant’s television channel.


Source: Omroep Brabant

Translator: Rachael Vickerman

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