PSV, TU/e to create live lab

Photo credit: PSV (Studio040)

The TU/e will use the Philips Stadium and the De Herdgang PSV Campus as a ‘living laboratory’. This partnership has officially launched on Tuesday.

From now on, PSV can submit data on players to TU/e students. The students can use this information to advise PSV. During the construction of the new PSV Campus, PSV Director, Toon Gerbrands, already talked about a special data centre – a place where science and football meet. This partnership is in line with that idea.

Gerbrands is pleased with the official collaboration. “In this region, special things happen,” he says. “The Brainport Eindhoven region’s economy is growing much faster than elsewhere in the country. And nowhere else in the world are more patents registered than here. The TU/e and PSV want to maintain this performance curve. We are going to invest energy in it together.”

Working together

The Chairman of TU/e’s Executive Board, Robert-Jan Smits, also sees many opportunities in this official partnership. “PSV and the TU/e are both top organisations that provide connections in the region,” says Robert. “Our researchers and students will do their best to help PSV get even better. For example, a student team will use the data to develop a prototype that can support the coach on the pitch”.

Artificial Intelligence will also play a role in developing ideas to make Philips Stadium the stadium of the future. For example, automation and drone usage possibilities will be examined. Gerbrands: “We have already discussed this a little. A scientific view of the matter provides fascinating insights. Within this theme, too, a dynamic is created that will unleash a great deal”.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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