More bicycle parking spaces urgently needed

biycle parking, Eindhoven station,
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More bicycle parking facilities should be added in Eindhoven city centre as soon as possible. This is according to the cyclists union, Fietsersbond.

The interest group is responding to the sharp increase in randomly parked bicycles in the city centre. City council Figures show that the number of complaints about this has more than tripled.

“We notice that the number of bicycle parking spaces is much less than the growth in the number of cyclists. We would like to see something done about this,” says Pieter Nuiten of the Fietsersbond’s Eindhoven branch.

‘Immediate problem at the station’

Illegally parked bicycles in the shopping streets cause a lot of problems. “For example, bicycles are regularly parked on the emergency service lanes on the Market Square.” But according to him, the biggest challenge is at the station.

“On nice days, the parking areas are all full. Bicycles block escape routes everywhere, and the designated paths for blind people. On the north side of the station, pedestrians often cannot even get through it anymore. Bicycles fall over. You get a domino effect and broken bikes. It is a serious problem.”

Ten thousand additional parking spaces are to be added at the station. According to the City Council, this should offer sufficient parking capacity until 2030. Nuiten is not convinced yet. “I think Prorail and the Municipality are underestimating the increase in cyclist numbers.”

Unclaimed bicycles

The increasing number of so-called ‘unclaimed bikes’ also makes it more difficult to park at the station. These have been parked for a very long time, without being picked up by the owner. The Council removes these after 28 days. Nuiten: “Bicycle wrecks and unclaimed bikes should be removed immediately. You cannot leave bicycles in public spaces for a month. You have to intervene, like with weeds.”


Translator: Chaitali Sengupta, who gives Inburgering classes. Click here for more.

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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