More beds for the city’s homeless

homelessness, Eindhoven
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There will be extra beds for homeless people in Eindhoven. That is according to Councillor Renate Richters. Several local political parties requested this.

According to Richters, an increasing number of homeless people knocked on the local shelter’s door in the last month. The Councillor, therefore, wants to add five more beds, now that the need is higher. These extra beds bring the total number of safe havens to almost 50. The measure is temporary. Next year, it will become clear how many places will be added permanently.

Earlier, Richters did not want to consider this kind of expansion because the Council could not really afford it. Since the Municipality now has more financial wriggle room, it agreed to meet the Councillors’ demands.

Rules to change

Richters also promised the winter emergency scheme would be made more flexible. Initially, homeless people could only seek shelter when the wind chill dropped temperatures to -5°C. From now on, they can do so when the mercury hits 0°C. It is not yet clear exactly when this change will take effect.

Richters, however, warned against this flexible emergency control system’s pull factor. Other cities in Brabant are stricter. That is why she wants to keep a close eye on whether the more flexible rules mean a lot more homeless people suddenly end up at Eindhoven’s overnight shelter.

Studio040 previously reported that the number of homeless people in the city had increased considerably.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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