HTC has big sustainability plans

Photo credit: Philips/Studio040

The most sustainable campus in the world with self-driving electric cars, healthy employees, and technological gems. Within ten years, the High Tech Campus Eindhoven (HTCE) wants to be a leading global tech hub. 

HTCE’s management has written a strategy for this. In 2025, the campus will be the most sustainable in the world. By 2030 Eindhoven will be mentioned in the same breath as Berlin, Boston, and San Francisco. “It will look like the set of a science fiction film then”, the Board writes on the HTCE’s website.

Self-driving, shared electric cars will ferry employees to and from the office. Smart sensors to keep track of employees’ health and provide nutrition and movement advice. If they do become ill, doctors will have a digital image of their body. They can diagnose and treat them in virtual reality.

Pond remains

According to the Board, the campus will be a place for ‘technology that makes the world a better place’. At the same time, there is still room for grazing sheep and the pond with bathing swans that are already there. “This human factor is precisely the strength of the High Tech Campus”, the Marketing Director says.


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Editor: Melinda Walraven

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