Eindhoven to combat young criminals

Eindhoven police
Photo credit: Politie Eindhoven (Studio040)

The Municipality of Eindhoven is trying to combat street crime, robberies, and burglaries. These are mostly committed by young perpetrators. 

There is a national campaign called Meld Misdaad Anoniem (Report Crime Anonymously). In it, Municipalities wants to make people aware that crime can be reported anonymously. Many people witness these crimes or suspect something is going on, but do not report it. They might feel intimidated or unsafe.

Many perpetrators live within a radius of a few kilometres of the scene of their crimes. Sometimes victims and perpetrators even know each other. As a result, crimes often go unreported. However, this does mean that the often young offenders are not stopped.


A test panel surveyed more than 700 parents. It shows that 29% suspect that there is crime among youngsters in their immediate neighbourhood. This often involves burglary. But there is also a rise in extortion and violence committed by young people. More than half of the people surveyed are worried but do not report the crimes. They feel unsafe and intimidated.

For example, young offenders are part of criminal youth groups. To gain status and prestige, they commit various offences. In this way, they also come into contact with major criminals. Or young people are first the victims of extortion and violence by their peers. They then start showing this kind of behaviour themselves.

Through intimidation and violence, these young perpetrators feel untouchable. The young perpetrators are usually between the ages of 12 and 15. They are incited to commit burglaries for financial compensation. They then slide into a life of crime.

Meld Misdaad Anoniem

Meld Misdaad Anoniem is a national hotline where people can anonymously provide information about criminal activity. It is safe and has no consequences for the reporter. This can be done by phoning 0800-7000 or at meldmisdaadanoniem.nl.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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