Brainport is growing fast, is huge export region

Photo credit: Studio040

The high-tech region of Eindhoven continues to grow strongly. Last year, for example, a lot of money was made with the export of goods and machines.

This is apparent from the new Brainport Monitor, which describes the economic situation of the region. The Brainport region grew by 3.3 % last year. That is slightly more than the national average. The figures show the growth is mainly due to the well-performing industry. The export of goods from the region has increased enormously, to almost €32 billion.

More figures show the regional economy is doing well. Large companies such as ASML, VDL, and NXP, for example, invested heavily. Many patents have again come out of the Southeast Brabant province. Unemployment in the region has also returned to pre-crisis levels of 3.5%.

The Municipality and Brainport Development had previously announced that they were preparing for economic downturns.


Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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