Arnol Kox back on Eindhoven’s streets

Arnol Kox
Photo credit: Studio040

City preacher, Arnol Kox, is back in Eindhoven’s city centre. He has not fully recovered, but he cannot help but take to the streets again.

The familiar refrain – “Convert yourself to Jesus” – can once again be heard again in front of the old V&D building. It is Arnol Kox; back in town. His illness means he produces too few blood cells, and his immune system is failing. “Demons are breaking my bone marrow down more and more”, the preacher says.

Despite his illness, Arnol Kox is not up afraid to die. “Everyone passes on; no one is immortal. There is nothing after life because life never stops”. The preacher has had a ‘nice life’ and is happy to be back again. “This is my life, what I know”.


Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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