175,000 EUR in fines collected for calling and messaging while driving

Image source: pexels.com

Over five days, more than 730 people were fined in East Brabant for using their smartphone while driving. Police made these checks from a coach travelling on different highways.

Checking from a coach or bus is effective, according to the police, because agents are sitting higher up and can easily look down into cars and trucks. “The bus was followed by colleagues in inconspicuous cars. When we saw a (truck) driver with his smartphone behind the wheel, we passed on this observation. The offender was stopped and fined by other colleagues. ”

More fines

Other traffic violations were also noted. In total, the police also fined 127 drivers for a diverse range of traffic offences, from tailgating to speeding.

“The need for such controls has also been proven over the past week,” police said about the controls. The police want to create awareness because the use of a cell phone while driving has a negative effect on driving behaviour and on their reactions while driving.

A fine for using your phone while driving will cost you 240 EUR. In total, the police issued fines amounting to more than 175,000 EUR to smartphone users during these inspections.

Source: Omroep Brabant

Translation: Nicole Cullinan

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