Three crackhouses in Waalre closed

Police sign - drug dwelling closed - Waalre
Image source: Police

The municipality of Waalre has closed three outbuildings on Broekweg in Waalre based on the Damocles Act. This occurred because of various violations of the Opium Act.

The municipality has been watching the buildings for some time.  At the beginning of September, the municipality carried out an inspection on the Broekweg. They found various violations of the Opium Act during this check. They found evidence of synthetic drugs, among other substances, being produced.

The municipality of Waalre has therefore closed the three outbuildings based on the Damocles Act. No one may enter the buildings for a year. The public prosecution service and the police are further investigating the criminal offences committed there.

In addition, the municipality of Waalre says that it made a further inspection of the Broekweg. They found signs of possible contamination of the ground behind the Broekweg. The Environmental Services Department (ODZOB) is still investigating this possibility.

Damocles Act

Authorities use the Damocles Act (Article 13b Opium Act) when acting against a coffee shop that violates terms and conditions. It also applies to drug trafficking from other premises such as cafes and shops, but also from homes. Moreover, it is the most used law in the battle against hemp cultivation in buildings. Since 2019 it has also been applied by the Centre for crime prevention and safety (CCV) in the cases of the production of drugs.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Nicole Cullinan

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