Support for Council’s home help approach

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Eindhoven’s politicians support the City Council in its approach to home help. First of all, however, Councillor Renate Richters offered her apology. She acknowledged on Tuesday evening that many things had gone wrong.

A veto motion from the opposition received insufficient support. Some of these parties referred to ‘improper administration’ and ‘trust that has been violated’. However, the coalition parties, in particular, did not want to go that far.

Richters was put on the spot again on Tuesday night. This matter has been dragging on for 18 months. Hundreds of angry disabled, sick, and elderly people objected to the cutbacks for in-home help. They had to endure months of uncertainty about what kind of aid they could receive.

In the end, the objectors approached the court. “It has been a complex process, but it has taken longer than necessary. We would have liked to have done it differently. I am very sorry about that”, Richters acknowledged.


The coalition parties, as well as the two of the opposition groups, stressed they had enough confidence in the City Council to solve the problems. They also expressed their appreciation for Richters, who acknowledged the mistakes she had made. “It is frustrating that everything takes so long. But there is no simple solution. We remain confident”, GroenLinks Councillor, Saskia Lammers, says.

The Municipality will meet with the 250 objectors soon. A total of 5,000 elderly, disabled, and sick people in Eindhoven are dependent on in-home help. It is not yet clear whether the cutbacks in aid will also be reversed for people who have not submitted an objection.


Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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