Soil-friendly fries on DDW

Photo credit: Stella van der Burg / Studio040

This week the Frietje Precies stall, where soil-friendly potato, parsnip and sweet potato fries are sold, is at Ketelhuisplein in Strijp-S.

Potato farmer Jacob van den Bome and FoodUp! Brabant worked together on this project. Jacob grows the potatoes with the help of drones, sensors and data. He does this so that he can see with infrared where more water is needed or where nutrients are needed.


Frietje Precies is the result of the development of a new agricultural method that combines precision technology with straw cultivation. In order to use as little artificial fertilizer and other nutrients as possible, flowers grow between the strips. This makes the crops more resistant to extreme weather and diseases in a natural way. It also provides more biodiversity.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Dirk

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