PSV fan is tired of homophobia and wants club to do more

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PSV should do more against homophobia. PSV fan Daan states this in an open letter to PSV director Toon Gerbrands.

The 26-year-old Daan, who himself is gay, felt compelled to contact the management and club spokesperson Thijs Slegers himself. Previously, he sent PSV messages several times about the issue.

“Every year on Coming Out Day, this year on October 11th, we reflect on the moment LGBT people come out”, Daan begins his letter. “As you probably know, there are more tolerant environments to be found than the world of football.”

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Homophobic supporters

Recently there was a video on social media showing how the players of Ajax were received by PSV supporters. When the Amsterdam footballers got off the bus, a loud boo sounded. There was also plenty of ‘gay’ chanting. And that is exactly what Daan wants to bring up: “This is absolutely not an attack on PSV. That is really my club. I have had a season ticket every year since 2007, “he tells Studio040. “I know that PSV disapproves of homophobic actions such as chanting, but I would be so proud if my PSV made a statement itself.”

Thijs Slegers responded on behalf of PSV: “We participate in every joint initiative that fits this important theme. Preferably under the flag of KNVB / UEFA / FIFA. In addition, PSV organizes many projects through its own foundation every year. Often for people who need support, “Slegers says in a tweet. ‘You can approach the PSV Foundation with your request. They will certainly listen to you. ”

“I am very happy with this response,” says Daan. “They could also have chosen not to respond. It does have their attention and I am happy about that. It would have an added value if it were to be continued. If only putting the rainbow flag on the stadium during the Coming Out Day. A stand-alone positive note without being a reaction to something negative. ”

Source: Studio040

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