Helping kids with those little oopsies

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Technology has made all kinds of innovations possible. Now, it is helping even the smallest among us.

The LifeSense Group is a healthcare wearables company, based right here in Eindhoven, at the High Tech Campus. They blend cutting edge medical technology with modern design. This company is now launching a new product for children. It is called Oopsie Heroes.

This concept was developed together with 100 children. It’s goal – to help eliminate bedwetting. The Oopsie Heroes routine gradually helps train children’s brains to recognise signals from their bladders. This allows them to wake up on their own and go to the toilet, before wetting the bed. According to a press statement released by this company, kids can be free from nighttime ‘accidents’ within six to twelve weeks.

Sensor lets your child know to go

Oopsie Heroes has a small, comfortable sensor. This sensor can be easily attached to any pair of underwear or pyjama bottoms. During the night, if your child has one of those ‘oopsie moments’, the sensor will send a harmless, audio-based signal. This signal is sent to a mobile device running the Oopsie Heroes app. This app will then wake your child up, and he or she can go to the toilet.

According to the LifeSense Group, this new technology is based on years of research and invaluable feedback from children. “Oopsie Heroes combines the highest quality medical technology with the sleekest and most child-friendly wearable designs,” reads the press release.

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