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eindhoven train station
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We recently received a message for a traveller, named Alice. She is looking for two young good samaritans.

On 25 July, Alice travelled by train from Maastricht and arrived in Eindhoven at about 10:30. “It was extremely hot. I needed more water urgently. I asked two young teenagers please where could I refill my bottles? There wasn’t time to rush downstairs to the toilets. The Schiphol airport train arrived. I was anxious about possible train delays from midday due to the heat buckling tracks. As well as chaos at the airport because of the fuel shortage the previous day.”

“I entered the train in a hurry with my pack, concerned not to miss international connections and the 30-hour flights home. A few minutes later those teenagers rushed into the carriage and asked passengers had anyone seen me. They quickly found me and pushed a large very cold new bottle of water into my hands. They brushed aside my attempts to pay them and jumped off the train just as the doors were closing.”

Please help

Alice writes that so far her efforts to find the teenagers and thank them have failed. She is, therefore asking for our, and by extension your help. “I realise they may not live in Eindhoven. But I would like their parents, school, friends and the teenagers themselves to know I was very grateful. Thank you.”

“I was a scruffy old lady with soaking wet hair, clothing drenched in perspiration, and a heavy pack on my back. I was not well at all, returning home early from my trip for urgent major surgery. Without the help and water, I would have been in strife.

“You live in a beautiful country,” she adds. “Travel was easy. Everyone I spoke to was friendly. Importantly, citizens of The Netherlands have a strong awareness of the dangers of heatwaves. The teenagers who helped me were proactive, thoughtful, and clearly understood the symptoms of dehydration.”

Alice adds that she hopes to return to the Netherlands soon.

Do you have any idea of who these two youngsters might be? If so, please contact us on Facebook or drop us an email.

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