Help for more people to find jobs thanks to govt boost

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Over the next two years, the Southeast Brabant Regional Work Company (RWB) wants to work with employers to help 240 more people find employment.

This number is in addition to the existing target of placing 1,307 job seekers. This ambitious target is laid out in the Perspectief op Werk action plan. The Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment is supporting this plan with an amount of €2 million.

This action plan also outlines plans to help employers to fill jobs better. Cooperation between employers, the government, and schools in the region must also be intensified. Eindhoven is the RWB’s central municipality. This organisation supports regional job seekers.

They help not only people on social assistance, disabled youngsters, and those getting various unemployment benefits. The RWB assists people who want to change jobs and school leavers entering the labour market.

Source: Eindhoven Municipality

Translator: Melinda Walraven

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