Friemel en Frutsel Dagen: ‘It was nagging for volunteers’


We have again the ‘Friemel en Frutsel Dagen’ (arts and crafts days) in Mierlo, but they were close to cancelling the event due to a lack of volunteers. 

All children in groups 1 to 8 are melting beads passionately, are making Halloween window pendants and tea light holders and can have their faces painted. In addition to the crafts, they also can enjoy sausage sandwiches, drinks and biscuit decorating.

What could be better than having a good time with your friends while doing some crafting?
Joke Doensen, Board member.

“The Friemel en Frutsel Dagen are organised to give children who are not going on holiday, a nice time in the autumn”, Board member Joke Doensen tells us. “In the autumn holidays there is often bad weather, so having a good and active time with your friends is a wonderful alternative.” Doensen has been working for 45 years (from day one) at the Friemel en Frutsel Dagen and Honorary Member at the Jeugd Vakantie Werk Mierlo (Youth Holiday Activities Mierlo), the organiser of the craft days.

I do think it’s important that this continues. I used to participate as a small child. Now I’m here as a volunteer“.
Kim van Stekelenborg, volunteer for 6 years.

Volunteer deficit

For a while, however, it was uncertain whether there were enough volunteers to keep the days on track. “This year it was very difficult for us to find adult volunteers. Children of 12, 13 years old like to help, but we would also like to have an adult at the tables to guide them all in the right direction”, Doensen tells us. “It was a lot of nagging to persuade people to come and help us”. “I think it’s hard for many people to combine. Especially if you work full-time”, Kim van Stekelenborg adds. She has been a volunteer at the craft days for 6 years. “But I do think it’s important that this continues to exist. I used to participate as a small child. Now I’m here as a volunteer with a daughter who does some tinkering here. She will also help next year, then she is old enough”. In this way, it contributes to the volunteer deficit.


Translated by: Bob

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