Brabant autumn in light of Van Gogh


In the coming months Brabant will be in the light of the Nuenen painter Vincent van Gogh. There are exhibitions and lectures that give a glimpse into the painter’s life, through the eyes of friends and family.

The weavers, who Van Gogh portrayed, can be admired on Sunday 20 October in Nuenen’s Vincentre Museum. You can see how the old weavers worked.

Until Sunday 12 January 2020, an exhibition and guided tours of Van Gogh will be on display in the Noord-Brabant Museum. In the week of 23 October, the Van Gogh Kerk in Nuenen will also give lectures about the painter.

More information can be found on Van Gogh kerkje  (Dutch only) and the Noord Brabants Mmuseum.


Translated by: Bob

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