TU/e scraps quotes for 3 courses

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As of the next academic year, the TU/e will put a stop to the freezing of admissions for three of its programmes. 

These are in the fields of Biomedical Technology, Technical Business Administration, and Mechanical Engineering.

This measure can be taken because the TU/e has received more funding from the National Government. There is a huge demand for engineers. The Hague is, therefore, making some EUR16,000,000 more available to this University of Technology. The need for highly skilled technicians is high, especially in the high-tech region of Eindhoven.

More students allowed to three more courses

The TU/e is going to increase the number of students to be admitted for the Architecture, Technical Computer Science, and Industrial Design courses too. It is not yet clear how many more students will be allowed to enter these programmes. The University Board will decide on this in December.

Thanks to the extra money from the National Government, the TU/e can train more engineers. According to the University, this funding will ensure the institute’s quality of education is maintained.

Student quotas were introduced because the number of students more than doubled, without any additional funds. As a result, the TU/e said it could no longer guarantee the quality of its education. “If the balance between the number of students and the academic staff increases unevenly, the quality of the education deteriorates. The lecturers’ workload also increases. We were, therefore, forced to call a halt,” Rector Frank Baaijens says.

Source: www.studio040.nl

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Editor: Melinda Walraven

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