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Photo: Studio040 / Michiel Bosgra

Danièle Brokken has received the Friendship Medal from Eindhoven on behalf of her family in Bayeux, France.

Mayor Jorritsma presented the medal on Saturday evening during a special meeting in the Bayeux cathedral on the occasion of the celebration of 75 years of liberation.

Danièle Brokken was involved with her husband and father-in-law for decades in the initiatives related to the friendship of Eindhoven and Bayeux. Shortly after the war, they were the initiative of father-in-law Martin Brokken, who was originally Dutch. From 1963 his son Jean took over. After his death in 2006, Danièle, Jean’s widow, is the driving force. Jean and Danièle’s son, Frank Brokken, has also been active in the organisation of the city alliance for years.

Since 1946 Bayeux has played an important role in the commemoration of the liberation. Since that time, Eindhoven cyclists pick up the liberation fire in Bayeux, which arrives at the Fakkeldefilé in Eindhoven on 18 September. Where Eindhoven was the first Dutch city to be liberated in 1944, Bayeux was the first city to be liberated after the D-Day invasion.

In the run-up to the commemoration of the liberation on September 18, the entire city council will visit Bayeux.

The evening at the Bayeux Cathedral was graced with a performance by the Oost-Brabant Police Brass Band and a delegation from the Eindhoven Guilds.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Dirk

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