Illegally dumped trash bags cleared

Photo credit: Gemeente Eindhoven

Last week, the Stadstoezicht (City Community Service) cleared up no less than 75 bags of garbage in just four hours. This was in Oud Woensel, Woenselse Markt, and Kruisstraat.

There had been an increasing number of complaints about the illegal dumping of these bags. These complaints led to this joint action between Stratum’s neighbourhood police and city’s waste management service, Cure.

Six warnings were issued, including an official one, for placing waste bags next to the designated containers. The special officers also spoke to shop owners and residents and handed out information letters.

The campaign received a lot of support from the residents. One of them commented, “It is great that something is finally being done about all that mess. I pay €1,000 every three months for my container, while another business owner dumps his waste everywhere.”

Source: Gemeente Eindhoven

Translator: Melinda Walraven



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